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What our clients say

What our clients say

“I’ve known Hollie both personally and professionally for over 15 years. I had the pleasure of hiring her as our social media manager.

Here’s what I can tell you about Hollie.

We have been working together for about five months now and I have experienced such relief, not only because of the experience, strategies, forecasting /planning and skill sets she possesses but as importantly to me, the accountability, follow through being on time, being prepared, providing meeting agendas that have made it such a pleasure to ensure we are on track. 

One of the most valuable qualities Hollie possesses is that she listens to her clients. She doesn’t interrupt, sits willingly and lets a person express their ideas, needs, desires, and thoughts, which always leaves me feeling like I am heard and she’s INVESTED in both myself and my business-rare!

In short, she takes the reins and leads you and manages what she’s committed to. Which is huge, as that’s what you hire an expert to do and in the past,  I haven’t had someone “lead” with their expertise, as beautifully as she does which allows me to focus elsewhere.

I am very cautious about giving referrals unless I have experienced their work and integrity first hand. Given that, it is my pleasure to endorse Hollie to anyone who needed the types of services she provides. She will exceed your expectations. 

Please feel free to contact me at 231-633-0625 for any further inquiries.”

– Annie Clark / The Practice

“It is my pleasure to share my experience with Hollie Rohloff.  Hollie came to us in May of 2012. Up to that point, we had no formal marketing plan. She quickly brought us into the modern way of marketing via the internet and social media with a well thought out business marketing strategy. She has a wealth of experience and expertise to draw on proven by the annual positive growth and enhanced market presence we have experienced. Until the recent sale of our property, we were well on the way to exceeding the aggressive sales target for 2015, due in no small part to Hollie’s expertise.
Hollie was responsible for the design and maintenance of our FaceBook page, and all of our email newsletters, as well as, our web page Blog. She updated the look of our web site and was responsible for maintaining the site content. At a recent annual seminar conducted by the Traverse City Hotel Motel Association, she received unsolicited accolades from the TCT Digital Marketing & Design Specialist for her work on our projects. Through the industry contacts she has developed, we were recently featured in a television travel spot in the Grand Rapids market sponsored by the WMTA.
She was responsible for the design and implementation of all of our printed marketing materials in-house and in print publications. She was instrumental in the production of our Charter television video commercial. Her knowledge and experience in that process rendered an ad we are proud of and continue to us.
Hollie directed the weekly marketing meeting. She was extremely well prepared with new proposals and the research to back them up. She presented informative data on our internet performance. Hollie is in charge of SEO and is diligent in monitoring keywords. In Google Ranking for the #1 search phrases for the industry we were consistently #1 on the first page and ranked high for all other search queries.
One of Hollie’s strengths is presenting innovative fresh ideas. Under her guidance and encouragement, we upgraded our reservation software to allow for online reservations which resulted in increased reservations and considerable savings on commission fees. At her urging, we contracted with realizing positive growth as a result. She was totally in charge of the research and implementation of the project. At her suggestion, we have added features to enhance the guest experience including modern style bedding and fireplaces.
Hollie is professional in every way and gives 110% to any project she undertakes. If we still owned the property, without a doubt, Hollie would continue to be the driving force of our Marketing Department.”

-Gail T. Leino / Formerly of North Pointes Management, Inc.
Managing Pointes North Beachfront Resort Hotel
2211 U.S. 31 North’ Traverse City, Michigan 49686

“I’ve had the sincere pleasure to work with Hollie Rohloff in the capacity of Social Media Manager. Hollie is incredibly client-focused and solution-oriented. When we discuss business goals, she offers solutions and both the short-term and long-term strategies to achieve them. I have found her to be very knowledgeable, highly collaborative and thorough–and her follow-through is impeccable. As a business owner, it is so reassuring to know that our business, brand and social media presence are in very good hands and that the preverbal ball will never get dropped. She is smart, savvy and conscientious–a winning combination!

Hollie also has many additional talents and skills she brings to the table. In fact, when we were struggling to get our website up and running, she stepped in to help us with that too. Our partnership has been incredibly rewarding and I would not hesitate to recommend her. I will gladly make myself available should you have any questions.”

-Andrea Telek Koch / BRAVURA DESIGNS
Training/Instructional Design Consultant